why? Actually there was a big Miyuki-chan in Wonderland group and all the main characters where already taken. I chose the Rosegirl because of the big butt-rose. XD
costs? ~120€
time? 2 weeks
status? active
how? The costume itself was quite simple since there is not much to sew really. For my newer version I did a bodice out of leftover fabric and all the other stuff is bought lingerie. The hardest part of the costume was definitely the butt-rose. I did every single petal by hand, sewing 2 layers of fabric together and put some wire in it. I think there are over 30 meters of wire in that costume. XD
happy? I am quite happy with the outcome. This costume was one of my first costumes and I am still very proud of it. I got so much good feeback, Thaaanks~