YUKARI (original) from PARADISE KISS
why?ParaKiss is one of my favorite mangas EVER! I like the anime, too but it's not as great as the manga. I LOOOVE the story and I love Yukari, because I see much of her in my own personality. I really wanted to cosplay her. I bought a wig and cut the hairstyle but somehow my plans were delayed. So for one private shoot I decided to wear the wig with one of my private outfits I sewed and I think it matched quite well.
costs? ~10€
time? 1 day
status? recycled
how? The vest and skirt are made of some special offer fabric I got for a really good price. XD That was my first time sewing a vest. *_*
happy? Yes! I really want to do more Yukari cosplay. <3