why? Sailor Moon villains rock. *^* I love Mrs. Takeuchi's designs so much. Siren has a really sexy and mature look but especially in the anime her character is the whole opposite. I love that. XD
costs? ~70€
time? 4 days
status? active
how? I made the main part of the costume out of synthetic leather to give the whole costume more texture. But the only baby blue leather I got was cushion leather which nearly killed my sewing machine. X_x; For the top/dress/whateveryoucallit I added boning. The wig was an old white one which I dyed. The funniest part was doing the bracelets, because of all the beads and glitter-thingies. :D
happy? I am surprised that the costume came out quite ncie, because it was really hard to do and I was not sure if that design would look ok on an human being.