why? This is a childhood dream coming true. *_* Pluto has always been my favorite of the Sailor girls. :3 I love her mature character and her costume design especially all the keys. For that I chose to do the Manga version, too. ^^
costs? ~70€
time? 1 week
status? active
how? It's always the same with Sailor Moon costumes: They look easier than they actually are. *_* I have to say the hardest task of all was the little time I had. I was also doing most of the costume for my Partner who did Neptune. I really like how the bows and the skirt came out; there is lots of interfacing in this costume. XD Doing the staff was also lots of work, I am not goof at prop making. I think it looks okey on photos, though.
happy? YES!!! Though I need another photo shoot. I forgot some costume parts for these photos. >_<;;; But besides that I really like the costume and most of all it's comfy. :3 Just applying the dark skin tone is a bit annoying.