SHERYL NOME (Postcard Version) from MACROSS F

why? Though she is not the type of character I usually like, I am such a Sheryl fan. *_* She is so much more than she seems to be at the beginning of the series. ^^ PLUS I just love her outfits~ For this one, my Ranka suggested it and I really liked it, especially the puffy skirt. ^^
costs? ~55€
time? 1 week
status? active
how? Not much to say here. Doing this costume wasn't so hard. I put much effort in the skirt because I wanted it to look as much like the original as possible. I am kinda proud of the bodice, too. It was hard to make it fit because of the neck line. Plus I did not find any fitting purple fabric, so I took apart a handbag.
happy? I really like the costume on photos but I don't think I will wear it again. I felt so naked. ;_;