YUNA (Gunmage) from FINAL FANTASY X-2
why? I love purple and the Gunmage designs. My friend was planing on Rikku and because I lend my Paine wig to a friend, I quickly made a Yuna gunmage.
costs? ~30€
time? 3 days
status? active
how? I found this nice purple fabric. I think it makes the whole costume look really nice. It shimmers in many hues of purple. <3 I also enjoyed making the necklace. I bought a wooden pole and cut it into pieces then painted it and made the necklace. The gun is made by my brother. ^^
happy? I love this costume, but I did not finish the boots in time. ;_; And the wig got all messed up in my suitcase on the way to the event. I really want to wear this costume again. ^^