DARK ELF (Spellhowler) from LINEAGE II
why? This was for a big Lineage group cosplay. But somehow there was no group in the end. So a friend and I did a dark elf couple. ^^
costs? ~50€
time? 4 days
status? active
how? Synthetic leather.. again. Why do I like that stuff so much?? ;_; because my sewing machine does not like it... Anyways. The costume was lots of work. All the ornaments are sewn on. In the end I was really rushed. X_X;
happy? NEVER AGAIN bodypaint!! That stuff is evil. When you walk around it's peeling off everywhere and when you actually want to wash it off, it stays on your skin like glue. *_*; Besides that I am thinking about fixing the costume and get some better shots.