Hello everyone. My name is elsch and this is my little website about my costumes and myself. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay. ^^
If you have any questions, critique or suggestions feel free to write me an email.
April 14th 2009
I really have to update more often. X_X; In March there was another big conventions in Germany and that means: New costumes. :3

Plus there are two new pictures for Tsugiri which Cato-san took when I was in Mexico in February. ^^

Actually I wanted to write a little report about that trip but I don't think I will find time for that. Sorry. Anyways. Mexico was so cool, I met so many nice people. :3 I will never forget the great time I had there.

I also updated the links section. ^^

February 24th 2009
After many years I finally managed to update this site again. ^^ Much happened in the meantime so have a look at my new costumes. :3